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In 2022 co-founders John Caulcutt and Carl Whitewood established Atlantic RIBs. The concept is a simple one; leverage John's years of experience and knowledge to design and build a range of RIBs which represent good value for money, safety and versatility. Atlantic RIBs are the only company on the market who can directly trace its origins back to the very first RIB. John is the only man to take part in every Round Britain Powerboat race, finishing every leg and more importantly in a RIB!

It all started in 1969 when John and his close friend, Graeme Dillion, decided they wanted to take part in the Round Britain Powerboat race.

They approached Atlantic College in Wales who, at the time, were building inflatable dinghies and worked with them to build a 21ft plywood bottom boat which would become one of the first RIBs. The boat was called Psychedelic Surfer, 21ft long when fully inflated and just over the minimum length to take part in the 1969 Round Britain Powerboat Race, they completed every leg of that race despite other competitors lack of trust in the RIB concept.

The Atlantic 21 design was gifted to the RNLI and, to this day, their RIB class is called the Atlantic Class in honour of the donation.

In 1972 came the second race RIB built by John and Graeme, Monty Surfers Flying Tyre, which after some modifications later become Rockin’ Pneumonia. They took part in the London to Monte Carlo Powerboat Race, the RIB was running well but unfortunately got crushed between a ship and a sea wall in northern Spain, which bought a stop to their race.

1985 saw the Flatacraft 6 Metre Thirst Aid, sponsored by Heineken, take part in the Round Britain Powerboat Race again competing in every leg of the race, John and Greame were, once again, in the smallest boat to take part.


The third edition of the Round Britain was in 2008. John had built a 32ft Revenger which he raced and again finished every leg of the race, Graeme joined him on the first and last leg of the race.


All Atlantic RIBs are designed, specced and hand finished in the UK to Carl and John's exacting standards. Every RIB is inspected against our quality standards before delivery. 

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